Managing Partner

Roberto Travella

  • Roberto Travella is member of the Board and Chief Alternative Investments Officer of Tra Partners Scouting SIM S.p.A. since 2020.
  • Graduated from the University of Saint Gall (HSG) in Switzerland, he holds a Master in Business and Administration (MBA).
  • Starting in 1994, he gained a long experience within Morgan Stanley in the Private Wealth Management Division in Switzerland, United States, England and Italy and then co-founded, in 2002, a multi-client family office in the ultra high net worth clients segment.
  • From 2016, his activity of Wealth Protector for selected families and corporate clients, which started in 2002, is being improved and performed through a new entity, Tra Partners, which in Italy is part of the Scouting Tra Partners Group.
  • Roberto is also a member of the Board of the alternative management company Alkimis SGR in Milan since 2009.